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– **Bug Fix**: Fixed an issue that was unexpectedly producing “Failed to update your /.htaccess file” error messages. The `.htaccess` routines are now more intelligent and take into consideration which plugin options are enabled and which options require updating the `.htaccess` file. This also improves performance by avoiding unnecessary read/writes to the `.htaccess` file. Props @patdumond. See [Issue #641](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/641).
– **Bug Fix**: When `allow_url_fopen` is disabled via the PHP configuration, the Auto-Cache Engine is unable to read the XML Sitemap and was silently failing with only PHP Warning in the PHP error log. The Auto-Cache Engine currently requires [PHP URL-aware fopen wrappers](http://zencache.com/r/allow_url_fopen/). A new Dashboard notice displays an error message when `allow_url_fopen` is disabled and prevents the Auto-Cache Engine from attempting to run. See [Issue #644](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/644).
– **Bug Fix**: Fixed an Auto-Cache Engine bug that was producing false-positive Dashboard errors related to timeouts: “Problematic XML Sitemap URL – WP_Http says: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.” Due to the way ZenCache was checking the XML Sitemap URL more than necessary, timeouts were more likely to occur. We now only check the URL repeatedly when a failure has been encountered. If the URL is confirmed as working, we don’t check the URL again until the Auto-Cache Engine runs (every 15 minutes by default) or until the Plugin Options are saved. If you are still seeing timeout errors after this update, please see [this article](http://zencache.com/kb-article/why-am-i-seeing-auto-cache-engine-timeout-errors/). See [Issue #643](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/643).

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