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Changelog ?WP-Lister for eBay
Last update: 2016-01-08

added option to skip orders containing only foreign items from being created in WooCommerce
added dev option to limit batch size for inventory check tool
added ajax action hook wpl_ebay_item_query – to get the ItemID for a given listing_id from listing template via AJAX
added wple_run_scheduled_tasks ajax action hook to trigger only the eBay cron job (equal to wplister_run_scheduled_tasks)
limit number of orders to 25 and disable pagination when fetching orders from cron job
store SKU as order line item meta when creating orders in WooCommerce
make sure gallery widget items use same account as reference listing
show _custom_tracking_provider value on edit order page (fixes empty provider when completing sale via wple_complete_sale_on_ebay action hook)
improved error handling for active EPS upload mode – and fixed issue on servers where image URL was not publicly accessible
explain errors 21919152, 21919153, 21919154 (Shipping policy is required, etc.) and updated tooltips as well
when fetching orders from eBay, make sure each account (eBay user name) is only processed once
log to db when cron job is triggered
format multiple attribute values – replace pipe symbol (|) with line break
improved inventory check memory requirements – disable autoload for temp data (requires WP4.2+)
replace all occurrences of split() with explode() for PHP 7
trigger stock status notifications when reducing stock level
fixed sale price being applied even if sale start date was in the future
fixed cron job warning showing up on designated staging site
fixed ebay_item_id shortcode

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