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* fixed possible layout issue caused by 3rd party CSS
* fixed VAT tax rate not sent when B2B option is enabled

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* fixed possible PHP warning during checkout (if no items to revise on eBay and PHP warnings are shown to the browser)
* fixed warning: For multiple-variation listings, GTIN values are specified at the variation level. (21919420)
* fixed update interval message on bottom of eBay messages page
* hide eBay meta boxes on edit product page if current user is not allowed to manage eBay listings
* improved category settings page (improved labelling and added second button to save settings on top of the page)
* added B2B only profile option
* added UK Mail shipping provider
* added norwegian language files

= =
* added the value NONE to the Exclude Locations profile option – and improved tooltip and layout
* added Deutsche Post shipping provider
* show warning on edit product page if stock management is enabled for parent but disabled for variations
* removed deprecated sandbox option from developer settings
* include variation MPNs in VariationSpecificsSet container – prevent Error: Variation Specifics Mismatch. (21916664) and Error: Missing name in name-value list. (21916587)
* fixed possible Error 10019: Inconsistent shipping parameters
* fixed issue with recommended item specific values containing UTF-8 BOM (broken characters) causing item specifics to break on some servers
* fix possible invalid eBay token error after reconnecting eBay account
* enabled full item specifics support in WP-Lister Lite

= =
* fixed possible fatal error on revise and preview
* fixed issues on servers with localized PHP settings (decimal comma in StartPrice if profile price is calculated)
* improved error 21916543 – suggest to set EPS transfer mode to active if uploading images to EPS fails

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