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WP eMember v8.9.5.1 – WordPress Membership Plugin

Change log so far for the next major version (v9)

* New email tag for member ID in the registration complete email
* New section protection shortcode to add “not for” condition (Needs Doc Update)
* Ability to specify a message for the “First Click Free” viewers
* Added generic autoresponder integration option
* Enhanced the WordPress Multisite integration capability
* Ability to use eMember’s profile image picuture in WordPress comment avatar
* Enhanced the first click free message condition so it only shows on single post view and if the post is fully protected.
* More BBPress integration feature. Now if a BBPress forum is protected, then all the topics in that forum is also protected
* Added an option to specify the bookmark listing page URL. When a page URL is specified, it will show the link to this page in the login widget
* Added a new option in the settings to preserve the WP User’s role when using the WP User integration feature
* Added a new function called “emember_is_logged_into_secondary_level” for developers.
* Added the display of the expiry date of a member in the admin dashboard.
* Added an admin notes section for each member. An admin can use this field to save notes about the member
* Ability to manually add files uploaded to the protected folder via FTP
* Added an option to turn off the welcome email sending for mailchimp autoresponder signup when double opt-in is disabled.
* Added an option to show an email list of “Expired Members” in the members list menu area
* Added an option to enable bookmarking feature for logged in members only
* Added a shortcode to display various referrer details to the visitor
* Overhauled the profile image upload functionality (it now automatically saves the image upon ajax upload)
* Added an option to add a confirm password field in the member registration form
* Added a new language definition that gets shown to the user when you are using the “Manually Approve Membership” feature
* Account status now gets set to “pending” at registration time if the “Manually Approve Membership” feature is enabled.
* A new tab in the “manage content protection” menu to protect Custom Posts
* Ability to protect the media library attachments
* Added a “redirect_to” parameter in the [wp_eMember_upgrade_membership_level_to] shortcode to redirect after the upgrade
* Fixed a minor bug with member data export feature with custom fields
* Released a new email broadcast addon for eMember
* Comment RSS feed protection issue fix
* added email tag filtering for custom fields
* added a new shortcode [wp_eMember_my_membership_levels] to display a list of membership levels that a user has in his/her profiles (useful if you are using lots of secondary levels).
* fixed a bug with GetResponse integration
* Upgraded the tab menu navigation links to the native WordPress ones
* Added a country dropdown list for the country field in the registration form
* Improved the [wp_eMember_my_membership_levels] shortcode to show the welcome page URLs too. Example usage: [wp_eMember_my_membership_levels show_welcome_page=”1″]
* Mailchimp interest group integration
* Fixed an issue with the “Disable simultaneous login” feature.
* The member email list generator will also include users when the specified level is in their secondary levels.
* Added a new URL parameter “no-redirect” to override the after login redirect. Example: When members login from the following URL, there will be no after login redirect even if there is one set in the settings:
* The free registration confirmation message will now show the email address where the mail was sent to. It also has a filter to customize this message.
* The auto login after registration feature will use encoded password.
* You can now use multiple email addresses (separated by comma) in the notification email address field.

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