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Woocommerce Returns and Warranty Requests v1.7 Download
RMA Management – Manage, Sell, Facilitate Easy Returns and Warranties

Manage the RMA process, add warranty terms to your products, and allow your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from their user account.
Key Features

Manage all RMA, warranty, and return requests from a single view in the store administration
Define warranty terms for product – set expirations periods for limited warranties
Manage automated email communications during each change in return status
Maintain free or paid extended warranties for products and variations
Create your own warranty statuses, and manage the statuses for all return requests
Customize your RMA code length and format
Request product images, track returns to/from your customers all within the user’s account

Easily set up warranties for products

When setting up your products, easily assign warranties to the product or variation directly from the edit product screens. Easily define warranty or return time periods, give it a price, and update/save your product. Warranties are tied directly to the product themselves – when the warranty expires, so does the ability for the user to request a warranty, return, or exchange.

2015.10.26 – version 1.7
* Improvement: Added option to reset warranty statuses
* Improvement: Updated the warranty management UI
* Improvement: Made all ‘shortcode-*’ templates overwritable by placing copy in active them
* Feature: Restructed and rewrote the entire warranty list view and added more inline saving
* Feature: Added ability to allow refund and credit requests by the customer in the warranty request
* Feature: Added ability to refund and credit a customer directly from the warranty view
* Feature: Added warranty details, and common functions into the WooCommerce Orders view
* Bug fix: Scan all order items instead of just the first item with warranty found
* Bug fix: Fixed warnings and errors when warranty statuses get reset
* Bug fix: Fixed checkbox not getting unchecked when changes are made to product warranties
* Bug fix: Fixed refunds to only refund line items instead of entire order
* Bug fix: Fixed notifications email list
* Bug fix: Fixed Request tracking code emails to ensure they are delivered
* Bug fix: Fixed display data in the warranty form builder

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