[GET] WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export Extension V3.11.1

WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export Extension V3.11.1 Download
Order/Customer CSV Export

Easily export your WooCommerce shop orders and customers to CSV format. Easy way to have all the essential information in your accounting system!

Fast export of both orders and customers
Define order export by date and status
Easily add custom order meta fields to output
Now also CSV Import suite compatible format

How to use

Buy this plugin.
Download, install and enable plugin in your WooCommerce store.
Go to WooCommerce > Export CSV and export what you need

*** WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export Changelog ***

2016.01.26 – version 3.11.1
* Fix – Fix Ajax conflict with WPML

2016.01.14 – version 3.11.0
* Tweak – Include plugin information in the System Status report
* Misc – Added support for WooCommerce 2.5
* Misc – Removed support for WooCommerce 2.2

2015.12.12 – version 3.10.4
* Fix – Updated version of SV Framework from 4.0.0 to 4.1.2

2015.12.11 – version 3.10.3
* Fix – WooCommerce Subscriptions: prevent renewal orders from being marked as exported automatically
* Misc – WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0 compatibility

2015.10.22 – version 3.10.2
* Tweak – Escape leading equals sign character to prevent issues with loading CSV in Excel
* Misc – Added French translation, props Thomas S.

2015.09.25 – version 3.10.1
* Fix – Ensure settings tab titles are translatable
* Fix – Fix incorrectly line item totals when exporting in the CSV Import format
* Tweak – Allow for line items to be removed from the export using the `wc_customer_order_csv_export_order_line_item` filter

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