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2015.11.4 – version 2.10.2
* Fix: Correctly handle the file upload field if it’s not multifile.

2015.10.27 – version 2.10.1
* Update: Small update to include price suffix after the Grand Total section.

2015.10.5 – version 2.10.0
* Update: Updates the way file upload fields are listed on order and order confirmation screens. Lists out each file comma seperated.

2015.08.24 – version 2.9.9
* Fix: Fixes issue with new ajax params from 2.9.8 not being enqueued when using the product_page shortcode.

2015.07.28 – version 2.9.8
* Update: Major Update. Remove ajax total calculation and formatting when Gravity Form options change.
Migrate all the calculations to JavaScript.

2015.07.09 – version 2.9.7
* Fix: Check if the global post object is available before checking if a product shortcode exists in $post->post_content.

2015.06.16 – version 2.9.6
* Update: Check if the price before and price after setting is empty before adding it to the HTML.
* Update: Append the free html from the filter to the end of the price before for free products.

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