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WooCommerce Follow UP Emails v4.4.7 Download
Turbocharge your email marketing strategy with a single purchase

Email marketing outperforms social media 8 to 1! Spend your time and resources smarter, build email templates to send single emails to customers, and automate your email marketing to increase the value of your existing customer base and acquire new customers. An email marketing strategy is the will immediately impact your top-line revenue. When it comes to converting your efforts into sales, email still outperforms search 2 to 1, and social 8to 1.
Key Features

One-time cost. No monthly or per-email costs. Unlimited sends. Unlimited contacts.
Targeted emails to your customers and prospects
Automate emails, on your defined schedule
Fully supported, maintained, and updated
Easy to setup – no complicated integrations, APIs, or additional accounts
Easily create emails to manage your business communications with individuals directly from WooCommerce interface versus your email client
Offer discounts in your emails with integrated coupons
Full-featured reporting on email sends, opens, clicks, and communication by customer
Google Analytics integration
Numerous variables to allow you to integrate customer and order data into your emails

2015.11.16 – version 4.4.7
* Bug fix: Fixed email scheduling when importing subscription emails for subscriptions with no expiration
* Bug fix: Added a version check for the FUE_Addon_Woocommerce::format_price method to ensure WooCommerce <= 2.3 does not fail * Bug fix: Fixed compatibility of {item_quantity} with WooCommerce Bookings emails * Bug fix: Removed errant duplicate lines of code where applicable * Bug fix: SPF and DKIM error handling tweaks to return the last error * Bug fix: Assign default empty values to booking variables to better handle variable replacements * Bug fix: Removed check for variation ID match on Bookings as they do not support variations * Improvement: Added support for order importing to WooCommerce Bookings emails 2015.11.04 – version 4.4.6 * Feature: Added new subscription variables – {subs_start_date}, {subs_trial_length}, {subs_first_payment}, {subs_cost_term}, {subs_cost}, {subs_id} * Feature: Added new generic variables – {order_subtotal}, {order_tax}, {order_pay_method} * Feature: Added support for {item_names}, {item_names_list}, {item_categories}, {item_name}, and {item_quantity} in Subscription emails * Feature: Added new Sensei variables {course_url}, {course_link}, {lesson_url}, {lesson_link}, {quiz_url}, {quiz_link}, {certificate_url}, and {certificate_link} * Feature: Added ability to send manual emails to a selected WooCommerce Memberships plan members * Feature: Added additional rules to allow limiting of emails being sent to specific shipping and payment methods * Improvement: Added custom function to correct rewrite tracking links to support Google Analytics better * Improvement: Added the ability to set the order/subscription ID when sending a test email * Improvement: Added support for multiple Subscription emails in a single order for Subscriptions 2.0+ * Bug fix: Fixed last_purchase emails getting queued every time an order status changes * Bug fix: Potential fix for subscription emails category filter mismatch * Bug fix: Block-UI was not being loaded when WooCommerce was not installed making templates uneditable * Bug fix: Added subscription merge tags to manual emails * Bug fix: Subscriptions order importing fixes * Bug fix: Only enqueue fue-select.js on-demand as necessary * Bug fix: Allow order to be recorded if previous status is failed, cancelled or refunded * Bug fix: Removed the WC() method to avoid install issues when Follow-ups are installed prior to WooCommerce Sales Page: www.woothemes.com/products/follow-up-emails/ Download: [hidepost]


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