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2015.11.03 – version 3.3.2
* Tweak – Display placeholder images in the Summary/Review section.
* Tweak – Aggregate validation notice messages and add styling markup.
* Tweak – Remove obsolete public ‘wc_option_’ properties from WC_CP_API class.
* Fix – Suppress out of stock notices when the selected component quantity is zero.
* Fix – Displayed component options now respect the “Out Of Stock Visibility” option.
* Fix – Handling of ’0′ attribute values.
* Fix – Base sale price scheduling.
* Fix – Base price not taken into account by ‘get_composite_price_{incl/exc}_tax’ methods.
* Fix – Strikethrough prices not appearing correctly.

2015.10.06 – version 3.3.1
* Fix – Encode posted attribute field values to prevent issues with double quotes.
* Fix – Component options dropdown visible in “Thumbnails” mode when using select2.
* Dev Tweak – Introduced ‘woocommerce_composited_cart_item’ filter to make it easier for 3rd party plugins to modify composited cart items.
* Dev Tweak – Add case for sorting component options by ‘menu_order’.
* Fix – Script error due to php warning output in JSON response when no Scenarios have been defined.
* Tweak – Display full product details for Product Bundles in the Summary section.
* Tweak – Improved Summary section product details markup.
* Tweak – Improved validation notices.
* Dev Tweak – Pass script params when firing events to make it easier for 3rd party plugins to integrate with the extension.
* Dev Tweak – Add ‘wc-composite-validate-step’ event.
* Dev Tweak – Script now allows adding custom validation messages at component and composite level.
* Tweak – Changed ‘WC_CP_Stock_Manager’ constructor and ‘validate_stock’ args. Container product can be optionally passed in constructor and is accessible publicly.

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