[GET] Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor v1.4.9

Woocommerce Checkout Field Editor v1.4.9 Download
Customise your Checkout Fields via your admin panel

The checkout field editor provides you with an interface to add, edit and remove fields shown on your WooCommerce checkout page. Fields can be added and removed from the billing and shipping sections, as well as inserted after these sections next to the standard ‘order notes’.

The editor supports several types for custom fields including text, select, checkboxes anddatepickers.

2015.11.09 – version 1.4.9
* Add – Public method for getting all checkout fields for better extensibility.

2015.11.03 – version 1.4.8
* Fix – Unexpected token error in checkout when a required field is added to shipping tab.

2015.10.07 – version 1.4.7
* Fix – Add jQuery tiptip as a dependency when script loads to prevent edge case it does not load.

2015.09.29 – version 1.4.6
* Feature – Add support for Customer/Order XML Export Suite

2015.08.16 – version 1.4.5
* Fix – Field saving

2015.08.05 – version 1.4.4
* Fix – Checkbox field validation value is not displaying after saving

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