[GET] WooCommerce Chained Products v2.3.6

WooCommerce Chained Products v2.3.6 Download

Everyone loves combo packs (and they sell really well!!). This plugin makes it super easy to create and configure them.

Chained products should be used if you want to sell a single product, and gift/give access to other products after purchase.

Simply create a new product for the combo, and chain as many products as you want with it. Give the combo product a price and that’s the price people pay for the whole deal. Chained products are automatically added to the order when payment is completed. (and if they refund / cancel the order, they will be automatically removed as well!!)

2015.10.21 – version 2.3.6
* Fix: PHP notice ‘Undefined variable: chained_parent_id…’ (Thanks to: Goncalo Salgado)

2015.10.06 – version 2.3.5
* Tweak: Use of filter ‘woocommerce_add_cart_item_data’ before adding chained item to cart

2015.09.21 – version 2.3.4
* Fix: Warnings on Simple product page
* Fix: Show ‘out of stock’ for all variations if any one of the chained products associated with any one variation is out of stock

2015.09.09 – version 2.3.3
* Fix: Shortcode not showing chained items for variable products
* Update: On product edit page, add chained products field above existing field instead of below
* Update: Replaced loader image that is shown before loading chained items on variable product page
* Tweak: Minor CSS change for About screen & Chained Products select field on product edit page

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