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= [4.20] 14.10.2015 =
* Core version: 4.19.3
* Added option to force all custom posts types to use its own custom capabilities set instead of usage of one built on ‘post’, e.g. ‘edit_videos’ instead of ‘edit_posts’.
* User Role Editor Options page help section was updated.
* Fix: Admin menu access restrictions were not applied at ‘new-user.php’ page under multisite for the single site administrator role with ‘allow_edit_users_to_not_super_admin’ option turned on. Special flag was set to indicate that single site admin gets raised (superadmin) permissions temporary for the ‘user-new.php’ page, but current user is not the superadmin really.
(This temporary permissions raising is done to allow single site admin to add new users under multisite.)
* Fix: Custom posts types selection query was updated to include all custom post types except ‘built-in’ types when adding custom capabilities for them.
* Fix: Admin menu access: URLs beyound admin menu are not blocked for the “block not selected” model now. This allows to work with posts under this model of blocking for example.

= [4.19.2] 01.10.2015 =
* Core version: 4.19.2
* Fix: Default role value has not been refreshed automatically after change at the “Default Role” dialog.
* Fix: global $post variable was changed in some cases by the posts view restrictions add-on.
* Fix: Admin menu access add-on: User could upload new media at the Post Editor with “Media -> Add New” menu item blocked. “File Upload” tab is removed in this case now. User may select from the existing Media Library items only.
* More detailed notice messages are shown after default role change – to reflect a possible error or problem.
* Other default roles (in addition to the primary role) has been assigned to a new registered user for requests from the admin back-end only. Now this feature works for the requests from the front-end user registration forms too (including multisite).
* Interface to Posts bulk action “Edit access” was available to the users without “ure_edit_posts_access” capability – fixed. Action itself was not fulfilled (blocked at server side) due to obvious permissions error.
* Content view restrictions add-on: custom post types selection enhanced in order to include types which are not public
* Content view restrictions add-on: processes now custom post type content beyond the main loops, including ‘wlbdash’(Dashboard) post type from “White Label Branding for WordPress Multisite” plugin.
* Content edit restrictions add-on: supports unique create custom post type capability even in case it does not use ‘edit_’ in its name. For example for ‘wlbdash’ post type, create post capability will get name ‘create_wlbdashs’ instead of default ‘wlb_dashboard_tool’.
* Admin menu access add-on: bug was fixed for URL starting from ‘admin.php?page=’
* Added new filter ‘ure_get_allowed_gf_forms’. It allows to modify array of Gravity Forms ID available to the current user.
* CSS enhanced to exclude column wrapping for the capabilities with the long names.
* The translation text domain was changed to the plugin slug (user-role-editor) for the compatibility with translations.wordpress.org

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