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[GET] BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy Download
Website: http://pluginbuddy.com/purchase/backupbuddy/

Price: $150

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Backs up your entire WordPress install (including all files) or just the database
Use the restore feature to quickly reinstall a previously made backup
Migrate a full WordPress site to a new web host
Backup scheduling, includes email and FTP options

Backup your entire WordPress install. Widgets, themes, plugins, and SQL database – the entire package! You should not leave the backup process up to your web host. Just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your blog or website. With BackupBuddy you can schedule backups and have them sent off-site to Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP/FTPS account, or to your email.

Restore your WordPress site fast. The restore function in BackupBuddy is super simple. You upload the importbuddy.php script and your backup file, and it restores WordPress: your themes, widgets, plugins, and everything else. No need to install WordPress first! Other backup solutions only backup; BackupBuddy restores too!
Migrate a WordPress site to another domain or server easily. If you build custom WordPress sites for clients, this plugin is for you! This is a very popular feature for WordPress developers who build a custom site for a client on a temporary domain or locally (like a sandbox or playground site) and then want to migrate the entire site with content, styles, widgets and all on a live client domain.

[GET] Master Popups 1.3.0

Master Popups 1.3.0 Download
Sales Page: https://codecanyon.net/item/masterpopups-multipurpose-popup-plugin-for-wordpress-with-easy-email-marketing-integration/20142807

Value: $21

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“Master Popups – WordPress Popup Plugin for Lead Generation! Get Subscribers and Grow Your Email List!

Master Popups is a powerful popup plugin for creating Modal Popups, Full Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Slide-In popups and Inline & Widget Popups.

You can easily create popups from pre-made templates with few clicks.

Master Popups includes a system of capturing subscribers by email so you can get more subscribers and save all your data directly to WordPress or in your favorite email service as Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc…!”

[GET] MyMail Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress v2.1.10

MyMail Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress v2.1.10 Download

Version 2.1.10

remove languages from core plugin read more
improved: text handling
improved: handling of referrers
fixed: server error on test mails if sending fails
fixed: meta data with % caused invalid SQL statement

Version 2.1.9

improved: better sanitation of template html to prevent unsupported tags like are saved.
improved: template coping on activation
fixed: editor included multiple modules if switched back from codeview
fixed: missing assets on lists detail page
fixed: PHP warnings on templates page
fixed: issue during list merge when subscriber is assigned to both lists

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[GET] WP Lister Pro for Amazon v0.9.6.16

WP Lister Pro for Amazon v0.9.6.16 Download

Changelog ?WP-Lister for Amazon
Last update: 2016-01-21

trigger stock status notifications when reducing stock level
implemented batch mode for FBA inventory check tools
improved inventory check memory requirements – disable autoload for temp data (requires WP4.2+)
make sure ASINs have no leading or trailing spaces when creating matched listings from product
fixed importing listings with identical SKUs from multiple accounts / sites
fixed possible SQL error during import: Column ‘post_content’ cannot be null
fixed possible PHP error on edit account page if MWS credentials are incorrect and no marketplaces were found
fixed missing categories when processing multiple browse tree guides for the same feed template
fixed fatal error when using Min/Max Price Wizard to set prices based on sale price
fixed possible fatal error in Woo_ProductBuilder.php on line 1045
fixed fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $quotaMax (PHP7)
fixed possible fatal error in ListingsModel.php on line 1679
fixed narrow tooltips
fixed PHP warning on PHP7

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