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[GET] Zencache Pro v160103

Zencache Pro v160103 Download

= v160103 =

– **Bug Fix**: Fixed an issue that was unexpectedly producing “Failed to update your /.htaccess file” error messages. The `.htaccess` routines are now more intelligent and take into consideration which plugin options are enabled and which options require updating the `.htaccess` file. This also improves performance by avoiding unnecessary read/writes to the `.htaccess` file. Props @patdumond. See [Issue #641](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/641).
– **Bug Fix**: When `allow_url_fopen` is disabled via the PHP configuration, the Auto-Cache Engine is unable to read the XML Sitemap and was silently failing with only PHP Warning in the PHP error log. The Auto-Cache Engine currently requires [PHP URL-aware fopen wrappers](http://zencache.com/r/allow_url_fopen/). A new Dashboard notice displays an error message when `allow_url_fopen` is disabled and prevents the Auto-Cache Engine from attempting to run. See [Issue #644](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/644).
– **Bug Fix**: Fixed an Auto-Cache Engine bug that was producing false-positive Dashboard errors related to timeouts: “Problematic XML Sitemap URL – WP_Http says: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received.” Due to the way ZenCache was checking the XML Sitemap URL more than necessary, timeouts were more likely to occur. We now only check the URL repeatedly when a failure has been encountered. If the URL is confirmed as working, we don’t check the URL again until the Auto-Cache Engine runs (every 15 minutes by default) or until the Plugin Options are saved. If you are still seeing timeout errors after this update, please see [this article](http://zencache.com/kb-article/why-am-i-seeing-auto-cache-engine-timeout-errors/). See [Issue #643](https://github.com/websharks/zencache/issues/643).

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[GET] YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium v1.1.6

YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium v1.1.6 Download

It allows users of your shop to ask questions on products and answer to them, a tool like in Amazon pages, but that can be also used as a FAQ section

== Changelog ==

= Version 1.1.6 – RELEASED: DEC 14, 2015 =

* Fixed: YITH Plugin Framework breaks updates on WordPress multisite
* Updated: callback fails with PHP version prior to 5.4

= Version 1.1.5 – RELEASED: DEC 10, 2015 =

* Fixed: warning on backend Q&A table
* Fixed: missing string localization
* Updated: localization file

= Version 1.1.4 – RELEASED: DEC 09, 2015 =

* Fixed: filters on Questions and Answers table not working
* Fixed: questions and answers of guest were assigned to current user if the post is opened on backend

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[GET] BackupBuddy v6.5.0.14

BackupBuddy v6.5.0.14 Download – 2015-01-09 – Dustin Bolton
Disabled cron pass limiting until next version. – 2015-12-28 – Dustin Bolton
Fixed undefined index for schedule on_off for old schedules.
Added new Advanced Option “Force Internal Cron” which forces uses of BackupBuddy’s own simulated cron instead of the WordPress cron to attempt to work around web host caching. This may be limited to manual backups only.

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[GET] GravityForms v1.9.15.1

GravityForms v1.9.15.1 Download

– Added data-label attribute to the list field to support more responsive styles.
– Updated the gform_list_item_pre_add filter to include $group (the tr) as the second parameter.
– Fixed an issue with the Post Image field not retaining the title, description or caption values when the form fails validation. Credit: the GravityView team.
– AF: Added GFAddOn::maybe_get_tooltip().
– AF: Added support for tooltips to the child fields of the field_map setting.
– AF: Added “after_select” property to select field setting to show text after the select field.

Version 1.9.15

– Added the gform_search_criteria_entry_list filter allowing the search criteria for the entry list to be overridden. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_search_criteria_entry_list/
– Added $default parameter to rgar() function to allow returning a specified value if the targeted property is empty
– Added security enhancements. Credit: Andrew Bauer – Boston University Web Team.
– Added security enhancements. Credit: Cyber Security Works.
– Added the ‘gform_media_upload_path’ filter so the location post image files are copied to during post creation can be overridden. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_media_upload_path/
– Added new filter ‘gform_review_page’ to enable review form page. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_review_page/
– Added is_zero_decimal() helper to RGCurrency.
– Added “responsive” support to the entry list for a better experience on smaller screens. The first column is maintained while the rest of the columns collapse until toggled.
– Added new filter ‘gform_print_entry_disable_auto_print’ to disable auto-printing on Print Entry view.
See: https://gist.github.com/spivurno/e7d1e4563986b3bc5ac4
– Added new action ‘gform_print_entry_content’ to better support customizing the print entry output.
See: https://gist.github.com/spivurno/d617ce30b47d8a8bc8a8
– Added an index to the lead detail table to speed up searches.
– Added source_url to GFFormsModel::get_incomplete_submission_values().
– Updated the $review_page parameters for the gform_review_page hook to support configuring the next and previous buttons as images.
– Updated GFFormDisplay::gform_footer() to be a public method.
– Updated French translation. Credit: Thomas Villain.
– Updated order in which GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() was called
– Updated GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() to accept a $form parameter (rather than a $form_id)
– Updated GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() to only generate a temp entry if a function has been bound to the ‘gform_review_page’ filter
– Updated ‘gform_pre_process’ action to a filter to allow filtering the $form object before GF has begun processing the submission
– Updated gf_do_action() and gf_apply_filters() functions to no longer require a modifiers parameter; Modifiers should no longer be passed as a separate parameter. Combine the action name and modifier(s) into an array and pass that array as the first parameter of the function. Example: gf_do_action( array( ‘action_name’, ‘mod1′, ‘mod2′ ), $arg1, $arg2 );
– Updated all calls to gf_do_action() and gf_apply_filters() to use new parameter format
– Updated List field markup to include ‘gfield_list_container’ class on the table and ‘gfield_list_group’ on each table row.
– Updated the gformAddListItem(), gformDeleteListItem(), gformAdjustClasses(), gformToggleIcons() to target elements by class rather than element type; allows for custom, tableless List field markup.
– Updated conditional logic action description on Section field to ‘this section if’.
– Updated Hungarian translation. Credit: Péter Ambrus.
– Updated Print Entry view to use ‘gform_print_entry_content’ hook to output print entry.
– Updated GFCommon::replace_variables() to improve performance. Credit: the GravityView team.
– Updated Hungarian, thanks to Békési László.
– Updated Swedish (sv_SE) translation thanks to Thomas Mårtensson.
– Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
– Updated entry detail page so the gform_field_content filter can be used to override how the Section Break field is displayed.
– Updated GFCommon::send_email() signature to include $entry as tenth parameter, defaults to false if not passed.
– Updated gform_send_email_failed action hook to include $entry as third parameter.
– Updated gform_after_email action hook to include $entry as twelfth parameter.
– Fixed an issue which could occur when resuming an incomplete submission after the number of Page fields has reduced.
– Fixed page header not appearing on Updates page.
– Fixed an issue which, if the user clicked the save and continue link and then used the browser back button, would cause the save and continue confirmation to be displayed when clicking the next button.
– Fixed an issue which could occur when resuming an incomplete submission after the number of Page fields has reduced.
– Fixed page header not appearing on Updates page.
– Fixed an issue with the form specific version of the gform_review_page hook not being used.
– Fixed a fatal error which could occur when using the gform_review_page hook.
– Fixed an issue with the calculation type Product field displaying the parameter name setting for the price input.
– Fixed an issue with the Product field quantity input missing the disabled attribute in the form editor.
– Fixed an issue which caused no columns to be displayed on the entry list page if the first five fields are display only.
– Fixed an issue introduced in where the submitted checkbox values may not be available in certain scenarios.
– Fixed PHP warning on initial form display when using the ‘gform_review_page’ filter with a form that has calculations.
– Fixed an issue with the entries count on the forms list page including empty entries.
– Fixed issue where converting numbers to WP locale conflicted with numbers provided in conditional logic
– Fixed an issue which allowed a user without the gravityforms_create_form capability to create a new form.
– Fixed an issue which could prevent checkbox values containing ampersands being exported.
– Fixed notice in GFFormDisplay::get_conditional_logic() when field had no dependents.
– Fixed an issue with merge tag replacement when using a modifier along with a conditional shortcode.
– Fixed an issue which could prevent the lead detail table being created.
– Fixed an issue with merge tag replacement.
– Fixed an issue with conditional logic when wp locale is set to decimal comma.
– Fixed an issue with calculation fields on number fields formatted as currency.
– Fixed an issue with calculation fields on number fields formatted with decimal dot.
– Fixed an issue when using conditional shortcode on a field containing double quotes.
– Fixed an issue with the Total field when the page is refreshed in Firefox.
– Fixed an issue with the filter links when combined with screen options.
– Fixed an issue with the admin styles when screen options are present.
– Fixed an issue with encryption/decryption when mcrypt isn’t available.
– Fixed an issue with the advanced options link toggling the advanced options on all expanded form widgets.
– Fixed issue with user defined price field not formatting to currency
– Fixed an issue with how multi-input date and time Post Custom field values are retrieved during post creation.
– API: Added the gform_post_add_entry action which fires at the end of GFAPI::add_entry(). See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_post_add_entry/
– API: Added support for using ‘like’ and ‘>=’ as search operators.
– API: Added GFCommon::trim_deep().
– API: Fixed an issue in the Web API for the submit_form function using the wrong variable.
– API: Updated the comma separated list returned by GF_Field_MultiSelect::get_value_merge_tag() to include a space after the comma.
– API: Added the gform_filter_links_entry_list filter to allow the row of filter links to be extended.
– AF: Updated GFFeedAddOn::can_duplicate_feed() to return false instead of true to allow add-ons to opt-in to duplication rather that opt out.
– AF: Added ability to duplicate feeds.
– AF: Added ability to disable duplication of specific feeds via GFFeedAddOn::can_duplicate_feed().
– AF: Added duplication of feeds when form is duplicated.
– AF: Fixed the error message when the user tries to update settings without permissions.
– AF: Added security enhancements. Credit: the GravityView team.
– AF: Added GFFeedAddOn::get_active_feeds() method to get active feeds.
– AF: Updated delayed feed logging to also include feeds delayed by the gform_is_delayed_pre_process_feed hook.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_currency() helper for getting the currency object.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_amount_export() to format the amount for export to the payment gateway. In add-ons which extend GFPaymentAddOn you would set $_requires_smallest_unit to true for the amount to be converted to the smallest currency unit e.g. dollars to cents.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_amount_import() to, if necessary, convert the amount back from the smallest unit required by the gateway e.g cents to dollars.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the choices available for mapping for the field_map field type.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the select_custom field type.
– AF: Added support for optgroup elements in the conditional logic fields select list.
– AF: Added support for the title element in the config array for an app settings tab.
– AF: Updated GFAddOn::load_screen_options() to public.
– AF: Updated GFPaymentAddOn::get_submission_data() to public.

Version 1.9.14

– Added security enhancements to the entry export process.
– Added $support_placeholders parameter to GFCommon::get_select_choices() method
– Added gf_input_change() JS function
– Added action-based system to conditional_logic.js; new method will trigger conditional logic from generic ‘gform_input_change’ event. Allows more granular control of the order in which input-change-event-based functionality (i.e. conditional logic) is triggered.
– Added ‘fields’ property to gf_form_conditional_logic JS object. Used to determine field’s with conditional logic dependent on the current field. This differs from the ‘dependents’ property in that the dependents property refers to fields that should be shown/hidden based on a “parent” field (i.e. fields within a Section Break).
– Added new JS helper functions: rgar() and rgars(); work just like their PHP counterparts
– Added field type specific classes to input containers
– Added Gravity API client class to support requests to remote Gravity server.
– Added the gform_forms_post_import action. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_forms_post_import/
– Added gform_currency_pre_save_entry filter allowing entry currency code to be overridden. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_currency_pre_save_entry/
– Added extra parameter to GFCache::get() to optimize performance for non persistent cache gets
– Added gform_is_encrypted_field hook to allow custom logic to check if a field is encrypted as well as disabling encryption checking
– Added GFCommon::safe_strtoupper. Uses mb_strtoupper if available; with a fallback to strtoupper.
– Added tabindex and onkeypress attributes to list field add/delete row buttons.
– Added the gform_pre_entry_list and gform_post_entry_list action hooks to the entry list page. $form_id is the only parameter.
– Added gform_product_field_types filter to support custom product fields.
– Added the tabindex attribute to the button input of the multi-file enabled upload field.
– Added Bengali translation, thanks to Md Akter Hosen
– Added a deactivation hook to flush the Gravity Forms Cache including persistent transients. This provides a workaround for a rare issue on WordPress 4.3 where Gravity Forms user locks are not released automatically on some systems.
– Added payment_method to the lead database columns list

– Updated ‘gform_conditional_logic’ script to depend on ‘gform_gravityforms’; this is to support a new action-based method for handling functionality that is triggered by input change events (i.e. conditional logic).
– Updated thickbox URLs to include a set height as needed
– Updated GFFormDisplay::get_form_button() to be a public method.
– Updated GFFormDisplay::get_max_field_id() to be public.
– Updated Website field so placeholder defaults to http:// for new fields.
– Updated jQuery JSON script to v2.5.1.
– Updated the value column of the lead details table to longtext. Affects new installations only. This fixes an issue where searching in fields with long values may not return accurate results.
– Updated German translation, thanks to David Steinbauer.
– Updated the gform_multiselect_placeholder filter to include a field specific version and to include $field as the third parameter.
– Updated gform_save_field_value and gform_get_input_value hooks to trigger form and field specific versions
– Updated change to Akismet setting in to be properly sanitized
– Updated the Dutch translation.

– Fixed an issue with conditional logic on number fields formatted with decimal comma.
– Fixed an issue with the gform_replace_merge_tags hook running twice when GFCommon::replace_variables() is used.
– Fixed an issue with GFNotification::get_first_routing_field() not using the array of field types returned by the gform_routing_field_types hook.
– Fixed an issue with the merge tag drop down and the credit card field.
– Fixed an issue with GF_Field_Address::get_country_code which failed to return a value if the passed country contained cyrillic characters.
– Fixed an issue with the List field which could occur if gform_column_input was used to return a comma and space separated string for $input_info[‘choices’].
– Fixed an issue with product field validation.
– Fixed a PHP notice on the confirmations page if confirmation type is not set.
– Fixed an issue when searching for entries that are non-blanks.
– Fixed an issue where entry detail page would save notes to the wrong entry.
– Fixed an issue with the caching of the form meta. This fixes an issue with the export of entries in some cases.
– Fixed an issue with the plugin page not displaying HTML correctly in the upgrade message.
– Fixed an issue with PHP7 list() function with the calculation field.
– Fixed a PHP notice which could occur if a required radio type Product field was submitted without a choice being selected.
– Fixed an issue with empty form validation not taking field conditional logic into account.
– Fixed an issue with the list field values restored by conditional logic when the field is populated by gform_field_value using the new array format.
– Fixed an issue with GFNotification::is_valid_notification_email().
– Fixed an issue with GF_Field_List::get_value_export retrieving the values for the first column when multiple columns enabled.
– Fixed an issue where checkbox values containing ampersands are not correctly exported
– Fixed issue where form markup was still generated for custom shortcode actions
– Fixed issue where Akismet setting was showing as “on” when it was “off”

– Removed style which forced all GF thickbox modals to a height of 400px

– AF: Added support for “Entry ID” to field maps.
– AF: Added gform_is_delayed_pre_process_feed filter, including form specific version, to allow feed processing to be delayed. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_is_delayed_pre_process_feed/
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::maybe_validate() to check that the honeypot field was not completed before calling GFPaymentAddOn::validation().
– AF: Updated uses of GFCommon::to_number in GFPaymentAddOn to also pass the entry currency code.
– AF: Fixed an issue in GFPaymentAddOn::complete_payment where the entry currency was being reset to the currency from the settings page.
– AF: Updated “select_custom” settings field to only show input field when only select choice is “gf_custom”.
– AF: Added entry_list to the page conditions for script loading.
– AF: Updated GFFeedAddon::has_feed() to be a public method.

– API: Added debug statements for logging to the Web API
– API: Added the gform_webapi_authentication_required_ENDPOINT filter. Allows overriding of authentication for all the endpoints of the Web API.
For example, require authentication on the POST forms/[ID]/submissions endpoint:
add_filter( ‘gform_webapi_authentication_required_post_form_submissions’, ‘__return_true’ );
– API: Added support for an array of supported operators per value in the field filters.
– API: Fixed an issue with GFAddOn::is_entry_list() where filtered results are not supported.
– API: Fixed a JS error on the API settings page.
– API: Fixed issue where the data property of the error object was not being populated for the Web API
– API: Fixed notices
– API: Fixed an issue with the API settings page.

Version 1.9.13

– Added security enhancements. Credits to Jonathan Desrosiers & Aaron Ware of Linchpin and Thomas Kräftner (http://kraftner.com).

– Updated the German translation.
– Updated the Spanish (es_ES) translation.
– Updated Finnish translation.
– Updated Swedish translation.
– Updated the ‘gform_after_update_entry’ action hook to include $original_entry as the third parameters; added form specific version.
– Updated jQuery events in gformInitPriceFields() to use .on().
– Updated Time field max hour to 24.
– Updated entry exports to use GF_Field::get_value_export().
– Updated the gform_after_create_post action hook to include a form specific version; Added $entry and $form objects as the second and third parameters.
– Updated Sub-Label Placement string.

– Fixed a php notice which could occur when resuming a saved incomplete submission.
– Fixed an issue with the radio button field ‘other’ choice feature.
– Fixed an issue with the Time field when conditional logic is activated.
– Fixed an issue where field values would not appear in notifications.
– Fixed issue with multi-file uploader creating a javascript error on certain situations.
– Fixed an issue with the field filters for the name field.
– Fixed an empty translation string.
– Fixed issue with form meta caching on multi-site installs.
– Fixed PHP notices when product info being prepared during submission, caused by Shipping field with placeholder selected.
– Fixed a layout issue with reCAPTCHA and the Twenty Fifteen theme.
– Fixed an issue with the translation of some strings.

– Removed alt and title attributes from save and continue link to enhance accessibility.
– Removed name attribute from confirmation anchor to enhance accessibility.
– Removed the ‘other choice’ setting from the radio button type Shipping field.

– AF: Fixed an issue with GFToken not saving tokens for asynchronous API calls.
– AF: Updated feed edit page to show configure_addon_message() if can_create_feed() is false.
– AF: Updated has_plugin_settings_page() to check if plugin_settings_page() has been overridden.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the shipping line item in the payment framework Submission Data; item ID was missing which could cause an issue for some gateways.
– AF: Updated get_plugin_settings() and get_plugin_setting() to be public methods.
– AF: Added the ‘gform_submission_data_pre_process_payment’ filter, including form specific version; Allowing the submission data, such as payment amount, line items etc. to be modified before it is used by the payment add-on. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_submission_data_pre_process_payment/
– AF: Updated validation error icon for checkbox fields, adding it after the first checkbox item.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the display of the total pages count on the sales/results page
– AF: Updated get_field_value(), get_full_address(), get_full_name(), and get_list_field_value() to use GF_Field::get_value_export().

– API: Updated the GET /entries/[ID] and GET /forms/[ID]/entries endpoints to return List field values in JSON format instead of serialized strings.
– API: Updated the PUT /entries/[ID] and POST /forms/[ID]/entries endpoints to accept List field values in JSON format in addition to serialized strings.
– API: Updated the ‘gform_post_update_entry’ action in GFAPI::update_entry() to include a form specific version.
– API: Added GF_Field::get_value_export() so the field entry value can be processed before being used by add-ons etc.

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[GET] Woothemes SuperStore 1.2.7 WordPress Theme

Woothemes SuperStore 1.2.7 WordPress Theme Download

2015.11.20 – version 1.2.7
* Fix – Fixes invalid CSS.

* Fix – Additional styling for new elements in Sensei 1.9

2015.08.27 – version 1.2.6
* Fix – Fix layout issue for product bundles.

* Fix – Fixes a couple PHP notices related to undefinied variables.

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[GET] WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons v1.2.3

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons v1.2.3 Download

2015-11-18 – version 1.2.3
* Fixed an issue where two coupons would not be applied at the same time due to
internal incorrect validation.

2015-10-28 – version 1.2.2
* Fixed a fatal error related to the use of empty on non-variables with PHP < 5.5. * Fixed an issue which could appear under certain conditions (auto-apply and individual use coupon already applied to the cart and another auto-apply coupon attempted to be added too), where the system would try to apply a coupon which would not be valid for the cart and make it impossible to proceed with checkout. 2015-10-23 – version 1.2.1 * Fixed infinite recursion issue for auto-apply coupons with individual use. Sales Page: http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-volume-discount-coupons/5539403 Download: [hidepost]

[GET] White Label Branding for WordPress v4.0.7.65075

White Label Branding for WordPress v4.0.7.65075 Download

Version – November 17, 2015

Bug Fixed: PHP warning when using the move logout to root option
Bug Fixed: Branding > Dashboard > Hide Dashboard Widgets, some widgets have empty labels
Bug Fixed: Removed debugging code that generates a PHP warning in the navigation backend

Version – September 29, 2015

Update: Options Panel updated to support add-on payments using Bitcoin and Alipay through Stripe.com

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