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[GET] GravityForms v1.9.14

GravityForms v1.9.14 Download

Version 1.9.14

– Added security enhancements to the entry export process.
– Added $support_placeholders parameter to GFCommon::get_select_choices() method
– Added gf_input_change() JS function
– Added action-based system to conditional_logic.js; new method will trigger conditional logic from generic ‘gform_input_change’ event. Allows more granular control of the order in which input-change-event-based functionality (i.e. conditional logic) is triggered.
– Added ‘fields’ property to gf_form_conditional_logic JS object. Used to determine field’s with conditional logic dependent on the current field. This differs from the ‘dependents’ property in that the dependents property refers to fields that should be shown/hidden based on a “parent” field (i.e. fields within a Section Break).
– Added new JS helper functions: rgar() and rgars(); work just like their PHP counterparts
– Added field type specific classes to input containers
– Added Gravity API client class to support requests to remote Gravity server.
– Added the gform_forms_post_import action. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_forms_post_import/
– Added gform_currency_pre_save_entry filter allowing entry currency code to be overridden. See https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/gform_currency_pre_save_entry/
– Added extra parameter to GFCache::get() to optimize performance for non persistent cache gets
– Added gform_is_encrypted_field hook to allow custom logic to check if a field is encrypted as well as disabling encryption checking
– Added GFCommon::safe_strtoupper. Uses mb_strtoupper if available; with a fallback to strtoupper.
– Added tabindex and onkeypress attributes to list field add/delete row buttons.
– Added the gform_pre_entry_list and gform_post_entry_list action hooks to the entry list page. $form_id is the only parameter.
– Added gform_product_field_types filter to support custom product fields.
– Added the tabindex attribute to the button input of the multi-file enabled upload field.
– Added Bengali translation, thanks to Md Akter Hosen
– Added a deactivation hook to flush the Gravity Forms Cache including persistent transients. This provides a workaround for a rare issue on WordPress 4.3 where Gravity Forms user locks are not released automatically on some systems.
– Added payment_method to the lead database columns list

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