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[GET] Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments v2.4.4

Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments v2.4.4 Download

Version 2.4.4, April 1, 2016

Fix: add_payment() method can add incorrect products to renewal payment record
Fix: Erroneous renewal payments recorded sometimes during initial signup
Fix: Undefined variable $payment_id
Fix: Amounts not rounded in PayPal, sometimes resulting in purchase being rejected
Fix: When purchase is declined in PayPal Express, redirect back to PayPal
Fix: PayPal Express subscriptions cannot be cancelled from inside the WP admin
Fix: Go Back link goes to incorrect page when editing email notices
Fix: Notice when updating payment method for Stripe subscription includes inactive subscriptions
Tweak: Added status parameter to /subscriptions endpoint of REST API
Tweak: Change ”Edit” to ”Cancel” when editing subscription values
Tweak: Subscription profile IDs now linked to details page in mechant

Version 2.4.3, March 23, 2016

New: PayPal Express now allows multiple subscriptions per-checkout
Fix: Install routine not running
Fix: Failing subscriptions being marked as expired when being viewed
Fix: Stripe token used multiple times error
Fix: Currency for subscription always uses initial payment currency
Fix: PayPal Pro not always capturing initial payments

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