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[GET] WP All Import Pro 4.5.0

WP All Import Pro 4.5.0 Download
Official Sales Page: http://www.wpallimport.com

Value: $99

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“WP All Import – All The Features You Need To Import Any XML or CSV Datafeed to your WordPress site!

Easily create Posts (or Pages or any Custom Post Types) from the content your XML or CSV datafeed.

Configure your import in minutes. Choose the data pieces you want to import, and drag & drop them right where you need them. Configure your import options and put data in Custom Fields. All of the advanced features make WP All Import capable of pretty much any type of import job, and they’re out of the way if you don’t need them…!”

[GET] Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.10.6

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.10.6 Download

Mass import hundreds, even thousands of Products into your WooCommerce store with the CSV Import suite. Woocommerce Product CSV Import suite lets you import all types of products, even product variations!

This user-friendly importer, with clear step-by-step instructions helps you import Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details into WooCommerce. CSV Import suite supports:

Importing text based product data – prices, descriptions, images etc
Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more
Importing product variations
Merging products – useful for adding more information to existing products
Exporting products and variations – the exported CSV is even re-importable!

After uploading your CSVs you will have to change to remap your fields for extra flexibility:
woocommerce csv import suite free

*** Product CSV Import Suite Changelog ***

2015.11.09 – version 1.10.6
* Fix – If a SKU/ID doesn’t exist, but is included during a variation merge, it will now be imported.

2015.11.04 – version 1.10.5
* Fix – menu_order will now update correctly if you merge in products with a menu_order of 0.
* Fix – The variation importer now catches duplicate SKUs/IDs when importing (just like the product importer).

2015.10.07 – version 1.10.4
* Tweak – Improved process.
* Tweak – Import 20 per run.
* Tweak – Allow menu_order to be set per variation.
* Fix – Fix price sync.

2015.09.10 – version 1.10.3
* Tweak – Use WPDB to set and query post meta for performance.

2015.08.25 – version 1.10.2
* Tweak – Clear parent transients after import.
* Fix – Fixed issue with merging brands

2015.07.03 – version 1.10.1
* Fix – Attach a grouped product to a parent if the parent exists

2015.06.24 – version 1.10.0
* Tweak – Update text domains.
* Tweak – Update main file name.
* Tweak – Added stock_status to variation export.
* Tweak – Improve error messages.

2015.04.13 – version 1.9.20
* Fix – Remove ob_clean on export to prevent malformed CSV.

2015.04.13 – version 1.9.19
* Fix – Remove chosen.
* Fix – Add total_sales once only.
* Fix – Handle scheduled sales logic.

2015.02.17 – version 1.9.18
* Fix – Post title merge.

2015.02.02 – version 1.9.17
* Fix – JS notice.

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[GET] EventOn WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.3.11

EventOn WordPress Event Calendar Plugin v2.3.11 Download

= 2.3.11 (2015-10-26) =
ADDED: Ability to hide month arrows via shortcode per calendar
ADDED: Option to align month navigation arrows to right side of the calendar
ADDED: Pluggable filter to increase custom meta fields per event
ADDED: Option to set featured image as a regular image
ADDED: Ability to random order events
ADDED: Ability to show events only to logged in users
ADDED: Placehodler text for language month and date names
ADDED: separate class name for past events
ADDED: Event organizer archive template page
ADDED: Ability to add custom paypal emails to invidual events
ADDED: Learnmore link to CSV export events
ADDED: Organizer external link field
ADDED: Option for only admin and loggedin users can see custom meta fields
FIXED: Google maps not working on some sections
FIXED: Add to google calendar desription showing title
FIXED: Proper time passed to basic paypal checkout page
FIXED: duplicate events save correct event link
FIXED: Event organizer image not working from dropdown menu
FIXED: Custom map styles preview image not working
UPDATED: Removed max repeating times restriction
UPDATED: Map zoom level control to location taxonomy page template
UPDATED: New filter content function for event content
UPDATED: Map zoom control not showing up
UPDATED: Compatibility to eventList ext. addon v0.8
UPDATED: Google cal add to calendar to have excerpt of event details
UPDATED: All events wp-admin to show event times
UPDATED: Placeholder text for language each item box
UPDATED: Paypal settings box UI for event edit page
REMOVED: eventbrite and meetup support

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[GET] WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export Extension V3.10.2

WooCommerce Order/Customer CSV Export Extension V3.10.2 Download
Order/Customer CSV Export

Easily export your WooCommerce shop orders and customers to CSV format. Easy way to have all the essential information in your accounting system!

Fast export of both orders and customers
Define order export by date and status
Easily add custom order meta fields to output
Now also CSV Import suite compatible format

How to use

Buy this plugin.
Download, install and enable plugin in your WooCommerce store.
Go to WooCommerce > Export CSV and export what you need

*** WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export Changelog ***

2015.10.22 – version 3.10.2
* Tweak – Escape leading equals sign character to prevent issues with loading CSV in Excel
* Misc – Added French translation, props Thomas S.

2015.09.25 – version 3.10.1
* Fix – Ensure settings tab titles are translatable
* Fix – Fix incorrectly line item totals when exporting in the CSV Import format
* Tweak – Allow for line items to be removed from the export using the `wc_customer_order_csv_export_order_line_item` filter

2015.07.28 – version 3.10.0
* Misc – WooCommerce 2.4 Compatibility

2015.07.20 – version 3.9.2
* Tweak – Attach Chosen.js to form fields only if Select2 is not available
* Fix – Fix the exported/not exported order count when filtering by order status
* Fix – Avoid malformed CSVs in certain server environments by removing ob_clean()

2015.03.12 – version 3.9.1
* Fix – Fix a warning when a line item has no tax data
* Tweak – Include order fees in exports
* Tweak – Introduce `wc_customer_order_csv_export_ids` filter
* Tweak – Introduce `wc_customer_order_csv_export_add_order_note` filter
* Tweak – Display the local time and next scheduled export next to the Export Start Time field

2015.02.09 – version 3.9.0
* Tweak – Don’t clear the export cron job unless the interval and/or start time were changed
* Misc – WooCommerce 2.3 Compatibility

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[GET] im Event Event Conference WordPress Theme v2.7

im Event Event Conference WordPress Theme v2.7 Download

Update version 2.7: 10/07/2015
– Update visual composer to version 4.7.4
– Add feature: Support to pay via EventBrite
Update version 2.6: 09/13/2015
– Update visual composer to version 4.7
– Add feature: Export Registration (free and paypal) to CSV file. You can choose single field (like email) or multi fields to export to csv file

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[GET] WooCommerce Extra Product Options v4.3.4

WooCommerce Extra Product Options v4.3.4 Download

26.06.2016 VERSION 4.3.4

Fixed an issue with the min and max dates on the date-picker.
Fixed an issue with WPML and local options.
Fixed some issues with the WooCommerce Currency Switcher.
Fixed an issue with Fee taxes.
Added option to Include option pricing in product price.
Added selection when import a CSV file to overwrite existing elements or append new elements.
Translated products with WPML that use local options must also translate the attributes being used.

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[GET] [Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.2.2

[Tri.be] Event Tickets Plus v4.2.2 Download

= [4.2.2] 2016-07-06 =

* Fix – Update of price in WooCommerce does not update _EventCost
* Fix – Add attendee meta info to tickets email
* Fix – Ensure continued compatibility with WooCommerce
* Fix – Ensure continued compatibility with WP E-Commerce
* Fix – Made sure a SKU will be automatically generated for WooCommerce tickets if not provided.
* Fix – Resolve issue where “Don’t list me on attendees public attendees list” is visible even when “Hide attendees list” is checked in admin [63039]

= [4.2.1] 2016-06-22 =

* Fix – Add attendee meta for all non event post types in the CSV export
* Fix – Use numeric ID for QR checkin instead of the new Human Readable format
* Fix – Restore APM functionality with tickets
* Fix – Ensure proper behavior of attendees list checkbox
* Fix – Remove notices in attendees export by CSV or Email when using Community Tickets

= [4.2] 2016-06-08 =

* Feature – Authenticated attendees now can edit meta fields created by the event admin
* Feature – Global stock support added to the Easy Digital Downloads integration (Thank you dimitrilongo for the report!)
* Tweak – Added event tickets unique ID generation to have human-readable event ticket identification hashes across events (Thanks to Matt Broffman for submitting this idea on UserVoice!)
* Tweak – Language files in the `wp-content/languages/plugins` path will be loaded before attempting to load internal language files (Thank you to user @aafhhl for bringing this to our attention!)
* Tweak – Added messaging about ticket availability to the EDD, Shopp, WooCommerce, and WPEC ticket forms (Props to @masteradhoc on GitHub for this change!)
* Tweak – Record the user ID associated with the creation of new attendee records
* Tweak – Updated plugin description on admin plugin page
* Tweak – Move plugin CSS to PostCSS
* Fix – Prevent Fatals when GD Library is not active on the server (Thanks to @jamesgol for fixing the bug)

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