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[GET] WPTouch Pro v4.0.10 Nulled

WPTouch Pro v4.0.10 Nulled Download

* Fixed: Security nonce used by AJAX requests
* Changed: Improvements to the setup wizard

= Version 4.0.9 (November 12th, 2015) =

* Changed: Improved upgrade experience for users of older themes
* Fixed: Default menu icons restored if upgrading from version 3
* Fixed: Social sharing link color if using social network colors

= Version 4.0.8 (November 11th, 2015) =

* Changed: Improved support for Windows/IIS installations
* Fixed: Persistent ‘repair’ message for certain free-to-pro migration conditions

= Version 4.0.7 (November 10th, 2015) =

* Changed: Make sure all WPtouch Pro scripts and css files are refreshed when the plugin is updated
* Changed: Make sure scripts and css files are loaded in the correct order
* Changed: Allow download for themes and extensions if auto-install fails
* Fixed: An issue which could prevent moving forward during wizard setup

= Version 4.0.6 (November 6th, 2015) =

* Changed: Prevent WordPress theme validation from being run when customizing the mobile theme
* Fixed: Some server configurations were saving incorrect stylesheet paths
* Fixed: An issue which could set WPtouch Pro’s Display Mode setting to off after upgrade

= Version 4.0.4 (November 3rd, 2015) =

* Fixed: Customizer support for certain setting types

= Version 4.0.3 (November 2nd, 2015) =

* Changed: Now preserve settings when switching themes after upgrading from 3.x
* Fixed: WPtouch stylesheet was loading on the desktop theme
* Fixed: An issue which could cause shortcode not to be displayed properly
* Fixed: Preventing desktop themes from affecting WPtouch admin styling

= Version 4.0.1 (October 31st, 2015) =

* Changed: Updates to the wizard

= Version 4.0 (October 29th, 2015) =

* Added: Setup wizard for fast and easy configuration of key settings
* Added: Live editing of your chosen mobile theme via the WordPress Customizer
* Added: Full menu management within the WordPress Menu editor
* Added: Streamlined admin interface with clearer settings and options
* Added: Auto-install themes and extensions when you click activate
* Added: License & Support page with ability to de-license the current site and erase, delete, and deactivate functions
* Added: New icon set, Open Iconic
* Added: Custom licensing – buy just the themes and extensions and as many site activations as you want

* Changed: Basic Ads, Related Posts, and Web-App Mode are now optional extensions
* Changed: Moved settings backup/restore to account page
* Changed: Sharing links offer pinterest instead of google+
* Changed: Removed admin notifications code and pointers code
* Changed: Removed theme auto-update
* Changed: Fastclick script was updated
* Changed: Removed references to Twitter and WordTwit

* Fixed: Custom Post Types could not all be deselected
* Fixed: Featured Slider uses custom thumbnail field if one has been selected in blog settings
* Fixed: Private Posts were not being included in the featured slider if a user was logged in and able to view the post
* Fixed: Search in MobileStore using non-ASCII characters could cause JavaScript errors
* Fixed: Untranslated strings in MobileStore
* Fixed: JavaScript conflict introduced in 3.8.7

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