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2.0.0 – 2015-10-15 – Chris Jean
New Feature: Added “Multiple Authentication Attempts per XML-RPC Request” setting to the WordPress Tweaks section. When this setting is set to “Block”, iThemes Security will block brute force login attacks against XML-RPC as described by Sucuri in this blog post: https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/10/brute-force-amplification-attacks-against-wordpress-xmlrpc.html
Enhancement: Updated text describing the XML-RPC setting in the WordPress Tweaks section to better explain what the setting is for and which setting is recommended.
Enhancement: Improved IP detection when proxy detection is active by processing the header set by CloudFlare.
Enhancement: Added a filter named itsec_filter_remote_addr_headers which can be used to change which headers are searched for the client IP. This allows for tailoring the IP detection for specific reverse proxies and load balancers.
Bug Fix: Updated the Banned Users settings to no longer add a newline to the Ban Hosts input each time the settings page is saved.

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