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= [3.12.6] 2015-11-05 =

* Fix – Ensure the correct date displays within the upcoming events list widget (our thanks to Seth, @farmgirlref and others for highlighting this)

= [3.12.5] 2015-10-28 =

* Feature – Bring back the Recurrence Rule description override field
* Fix – Resolve JS errors on various views where geolocation data is anticipated but unavailable (thanks to @jesse_fo and everyone else who reported this)

= [3.12.4] 2015-10-15 =

* Tweak – Altered our build process to remove utilities and libraries not needed in the finished product (our thanks to both Jay and jbrinley for highlighting this problem)

= [3.12.3] 2015-10-15 =

* Fix – Fixed a bug to ensure date exclusion was being respected when creating recurring events ( thanks to laughmasters, Nadia, Andreas and Jeff for noting this in the forums)
* Fix – Fixed a bug that made the event list and mini calendar widget show wrong date in Date Box due to time() function ( thank you Seth in the support forums for this one)
* Fix – A bug that resulted in custom recurring events showing wrong times and have PHP notices ( Sitecrafting – thank you for the report on this one)
* Fix – 24h Format for your WordPress was resulting in bugs related to Meridian.
* Fix – Simplified information related to recurring events in tooltip (Thanks to David and mmccoycchs for highlighting this)
* Fix – Fixed a bug that occurred when a recurring events created before 3.12 resulted in the primary event not displaying as recurring

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