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Version 3.4.7, April 25, 2016

Fix: Missing is_main_query() check in purchase history template file override
Fix: Error messages during license renewal not displayed properly on checkout
Fix: Upgrading license keys connected to Abandoned payments is improperly allowed
Fix: Undefined index notices for first_name, last_name, and email
Fix: View Licenses link shows even when there are no license keys
Fix: Incorrect backwards compatibility filter edd_sl_license_exp_lengh
Fix: Improved PHPDocs
Fix: Non-static method called statically
Fix: Chained upgrade paths not functioning properly
Fix: Properly detect .dev and .local TLDs
Fix: Ensure updater does not ping itself
Fix: Missing nonce verification when adding upgrade to cart
Fix: dev. subdomains are not considered development sites
Fix: Product names that include hyphens are not displayed properly in Licenses page
Fix: Incorrect class name in License Keys template file
Tweak: Display customer name and link name to customer details page instead of username in Licenses table
Tweak: Added license key to edd_sl_download_package_url filter
Tweak: Renewal link in emails should be clickable
Tweak: Use content_url() instead of WP_CONTENT_URL
Tweak: Removed markup from translation strings
Tweak: Added edd_sl_license_upgraded action
Tweak: Introduced can_extend() method to the license keys template file
Tweak: Allow stylesheets to be dequed
Tweak: Added new wp_override parameter to EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class to permit overriding results from WordPress.org
Tweak: Added new edd_sl_row_actions filter
Tweak: Renamed get_download_by_license() method to get_download_id_by_license() for clarity
Version 3.4.6, January 7, 2016

Fix: Notices when viewing Licenses shortcode when logged out
New: Support for EDD 2.5 Subsections

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