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= 2.3.5, November 17, 2015 =
* Fix: Vendor contact form not working properly
* Fix: Broken HTML with Nickname field in Profile editor
* Fix: Products cannot be submitted when “Allow vendors to set names of options” is set to “no”
* Fix: Incorrect text for “Show on Product Page” option
* Fix: Invalid meta keys allowed in form editors

= 2.3.4, November 11, 2015 =
* Fix: Submissions get auto approved even when auto approval is disabled
* Fix: Vendors get automatically approved even when vendor moderation is enabled
* Fix: Registration form fields do not all save properly
* Fix: Emails during vendor registration not sent properly
* Fix: Vendors table not sorting properly
* Fix: Incorrect table cell markup for checkbox fields
* Fix: Some settings missing from the FES System Info
* Fix: Improper grammar with Show Form Dropdowns option
* Fix: Invalid vendor ID error shown on vendor contact form
* Fix: Undefined variable is_backend when vendor registration is disabled
* Fix: Logged in users cannot register as vendors
* Fix: Show on Product Page should not show if disabled

= 2.3.3, November 4, 2015 =
* Fix: Vendor registration not creating vendor accounts
* Fix: Form editor links under EDD FES can show broken URL
* Fix: Undefined variable is_backend on vendor registration form when guest registration is disabled

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