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[GET] Woocommerce Products Compare v1.0.4

Woocommerce Products Compare v1.0.4 Download

2015.11.24 – version 1.0.4
* Fix – Check to make sure items are of product type before showing to prevent errors
* Fix – When WordPress is installed in subfolder, prevents compare page from loading

2015.09.16 – version 1.0.3
* Fix – Typo on class name causing fatal error

2015.08.10 – version 1.0.2
* Tweak – Added a space after the checkbox of compare link to improve UX
* Add – Version number to template file
* Add – Template override status in status report

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[GET] Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.3.1

Woocommerce Product Reviews Pro v1.3.1 Download

2015.11.24 – version 1.3.1
* Fix – When replying to any comment type in the admin, the comment is blanked out upon submitting it
* Fix – JavaScript errors on product pages

2015.11.18 – version 1.3.0
* Feature – Users can watch contribution threads and receive email notifications on replies
* Fix – Validate attachments that are larger than allowed max upload size
* Fix – Guest contributions not following WordPress setting when not requiring registration for comments
* Misc – Compatibility with WordPress 4.4 comments

2015.10.06 – version 1.2.2
* Misc – Add Spanish translation (props Miguel M.)

2015.09.25 – version 1.2.1
* Tweak – Improve template loading

2015.08.20 – version 1.2.0
* Feature – “My Contributions” table added to customer account area
* Feature – Improve template structure to allow for easy overriding
* Tweak – Improve microdata markup
* Tweak – Add the ‘wc_product_reviews_pro_contribution_image_size’ filter
* Tweak – Add the ‘wc_product_reviews_pro_contribution_badge_text’ filter
* Fix – Registration errors display
* Fix – Fix registration when username auto-generation is disabled
* Fix – Filtering/sorting by flags on the reviews admin

2015.07.28 – version 1.1.0
* Misc – WooCommerce 2.4 Compatibility

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[GET] Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.10.7

Woocommerce Product CSV Import Suite v1.10.7 Download

Mass import hundreds, even thousands of Products into your WooCommerce store with the CSV Import suite. Woocommerce Product CSV Import suite lets you import all types of products, even product variations!

This user-friendly importer, with clear step-by-step instructions helps you import Categories, Tags, Products and other Product details into WooCommerce. CSV Import suite supports:

Importing text based product data – prices, descriptions, images etc
Import custom fields (meta), taxonomies, attributes and more
Importing product variations
Merging products – useful for adding more information to existing products
Exporting products and variations – the exported CSV is even re-importable!

After uploading your CSVs you will have to change to remap your fields for extra flexibility:
woocommerce csv import suite free

2015.11.18 – version 1.10.7
* Fix – When variable subscription product is exported, the value of tax:product_type is “Variable Subscription”

2015.11.09 – version 1.10.6
* Fix – If a SKU/ID doesn’t exist, but is included during a variation merge, it will now be imported.

2015.11.04 – version 1.10.5
* Fix – menu_order will now update correctly if you merge in products with a menu_order of 0.
* Fix – The variation importer now catches duplicate SKUs/IDs when importing (just like the product importer).

2015.10.07 – version 1.10.4
* Tweak – Improved process.
* Tweak – Import 20 per run.
* Tweak – Allow menu_order to be set per variation.
* Fix – Fix price sync.

2015.09.10 – version 1.10.3
* Tweak – Use WPDB to set and query post meta for performance.

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[GET] Woocommerce Product Add-ons v2.7.13

Woocommerce Product Add-ons v2.7.13 Download

With the Woocommerce Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers!

Product add-ons supports require fields, textarea, checkboxes, selectboxes and file uploads.

Add-ons can be added from the edit product page – they can be named described, re-ordered and optionally given prices which will automatically be added to the product price if chosen by the customer.

Once set up they will appear on products just above the add to cart form:

Add-ons add to cart form

2015.11.24 – version 2.7.13
* Fix – Compatibility fix for WooCommerce Photography. The “select options” button should now lead to the correct screen when using WC Photography 1.0.6.
* i18n / translation updates

2015.11.06 – version 2.7.12
* Fix – Compatibility fix for WooCommerce Photography. Users can no longer add photography products to cart without filling any required add-on fields.
* Fix – The “default label” place holder now clears when you click into it.
* Fix – Fix toggle display on “global add-ons” page.
* Fix – Compatibility fix for WooCommerce Quick View. Prices with variations now quickly display the correct grand total on single product pages.

2015.09.29 – version 2.7.11
* Limit input element names in HTML to less than 64 characters to avoid issues on some hosts

2015.08.20 – version 2.7.10
* Automatically add a default option when a new add-on group is added to a product
* Prevent merchant from removing all options in a given add-on group
* Add custom email as an add-on field option
* Add custom letters only text, digits only text and letters and digits only text as add-on field options
* Add subscription period to add-on prices and totals for simple subscriptions too (not just those with variations)

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