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[GET] WooCommerce Instagram Extensions v1.0.8

WooCommerce Instagram Extensions v1.0.8 Download

2016.02.29 – version 1.0.8
* Fix – Added translation support by loading plugin textdomain.

2015.07.23 – version 1.0.7
* Fix – Avoids “headers” error when connecting to Instagram.

2014.09.19 – version 1.0.6
* Tweak – Improve the WooCommerce is active check to use the most recent recommended method
* Fix – Remove the strict standards error notice

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[GET] Woothemes Woocommerce Min Max Quantities v2.3.11

Download Woothemes Woocommerce Min Max Quantities v2.3.11


Set a minimum and maximum quantity required to checkout
Set a minimum and maximum cost (of cart items) required to checkout
Exclude products from said rules


Minimum and maximum quantity required
Group/multiples required (e.g. you must purchase in groups of X)
Per-variation control of the above product rules

The customer won’t be able to checkout until they meet your restrictions – errors will be shown on their cart page and prompt them to correct their cart items.

*** WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities Changelog ***

2016.03.02 – version 2.3.11
* Fix – Variation product on cart level, is not validating minimum quantity when general minimum quantity is set.

2016.01.27 – version 2.3.10
* Fix – Show correct stock statuses when minimum quantity is greater than actual stock.

2015.11.03 – version 2.3.9
* Fix – Variation level category exclude option not working.
* New – Compatibility with Composite Products plugin to disable min/max logic when product is of type composite.

2015.10.06 – version 2.3.8
* Fix – Min/Max Rules checkbox behavior for variations.
* Tweak – Improved languages load.

2015.07.28 – version 2.3.7
* Fix – General setting fields accepted non numeric values when shouldn’t

2015.04.13 – version 2.3.6
* Fix – Change when totals are calculated for items.

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[GET] Woocommerce Sales Report Email v1.1.2

Woocommerce Sales Report Email v1.1.2 Download

Know how your products are selling without having to login to your store. The WooCommerce Sales Report Emails extension sends emails daily, weekly or monthly, containing meaningful information about how your store’s products are performing.

2016.03.02 – version 1.1.2
* Fix – Duplicate header and footer removed from the email

2015.09.29 – version 1.1.1
* Remove legacy email code.

2015.07.24 – version 1.1.0
* Adds setting for time of day to send email
* Adds total subscribers to email

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[GET] WooCommerce Conditional Content v1.1.7

WooCommerce Conditional Content v1.1.7 Download

2016.02.26 – version 1.1.7
* Fix: Fix issue in product rules where the global $post variable was null.
* Update: Update various functions to resolve deprecated notices.
* Update: General source formatting and closing php tag removal.

2015.09.08 – version 1.1.6
* Update: Moved conditional to fire on the init hook, rather than when the plugin is instantiated.

2015.04.14 – version 1.1.5
* Feature: Added the ability to show content blocks based on a users country.

2014.12.09 – version 1.1.4
* Fix the quantity counter for Cart Products calculations.

2014.03.11 – version 1.1.3
* Added filter to disable applying “the_content” filter on Content Blocks
Filter: woocommerce_conditional_content_apply_the_content_filter
Arg 1: true
Arg 2: $content_block ( The WP_Post representing the content block post )
To disable the_content filter: add_filter(‘woocommerce_conditional_content_apply_the_content_filter’, ‘__return_false’);

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[GET] Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway v1.1.3

Woocommerce Purchase Order Gateway v1.1.3 Download

The purchase order gateway extension for WooCommerce adds a field to the checkout screen where your customer enters in their purchase order number (provided by you directly to the customer in a manual agreement).

2016.03.03 – version 1.1.3
* Fix – Removed duplicated purchase number after the order details.

2015.10.07 – version 1.1.2
* Fix – On checkout, if a PO has been entered, it will no longer disappear on AJAX refresh

2015.03.20 – version 1.1.1
* Fix – Makes sure translation files are loaded correctly.
* Fix – Fixes the warning notice about the deprecation of WC()->add_error().

2015.01.21 – version 1.1.0
* New – Adds the purchase order number to the transactional emails sent and to the order details screen.

2014.08.14 – version 1.0.0
* New – First release!

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[GET] Woocommerce Distance Rate Shipping v1.0.3

Woocommerce Distance Rate Shipping v1.0.3 Download

The WooCommerce Distance Rates Shipping extension is perfect for the store owner who wants to charge customers for delivery of items based on how far away they are from the store. A perfect example would be for store hiring out equipment or a take away store.

For example say you are a company hiring out Keg Draught Beer setups and deliver the equipment however want to charge different rates for the delivery based on how far away the customer is from you and how many kegs they hire, then WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping extension is for you.

Or if you run a service that produces home cooked meals but would like to charge more for delivery based on the further the customer lives from you then the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping extension is perfect.

*** WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping Changelog ***

2016.03.03 – version 1.0.3
* Fix – Avoid calculating the rate if only the country is selected.

2015.02.17 – version 1.0.2
* Fix – Convert metric to imperial as Google only returns metric values.

2015.02.03 – version 1.0.1
* Fix – Distance unit only worked in km, now support mi

2014.07.22 – version 1.0.0
* Initial release

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[GET] WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.0.11

WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.0.11 Download
Offer products and services that require recurring payments in your WooCommerce Store

Want to sell products and services that require recurring payments? Now you can, withWooCommerce Subscriptions.
Start selling subscriptions

WC Subscriptions makes it easy to create and manage products with recurring payments. Create a subscription product just like any other WooCommerce product, and you’re ready to start selling subscriptions.

With Subscriptions, you can charge recurring payments per day, week, month or year. You can add an optional sign-up fee and duration. Shipping fees, discounts & taxes are all applied to recurring payments.

Subscription management is also synced with the payment gateway. When a subscription is cancelled at PayPal, it will be cancelled with your site. And you can offer your customer’s multiple gateway options – PayPal Standard is supported out-of-the-box, and you can add PayPal Digital Goods or Stripe. All other gateways are compatible with subscriptions when using manual payments.
What can you sell with Subscriptions?

Products that require shipping, like magazines;
Downloadable products, like e-zines;
Virtual products, like memberships;
Services, like business coaching;
Sell any other physical, virtual or downloadable product/service you can imagine!

*** WooCommerce Subscriptions Changelog ***

2016.03.03 – version 2.0.11
* Fix: activation issue with v2.0.10 on some sites due to get_editable_roles() function not being defined
* Tweak: don’t allow subscribers to cancel subscriptions with pending cancellation status

2016.02.27 – version 2.0.10
* Tweak: large improvements to internationalisation of strings after a full audit of all strings made available for localisation. Subscriptions now makes use of string context more often, uses numbered placeholders for strings passed through sprintf/printf, consolidated strings with same context and added more comments for translators.
* Tweak: display details of product, shipping and tax line items at PayPal for subscription sign-ups via Express Checkout Reference Transactions instead of only displaying the billing agreement description.
* Tweak: add new wcs_get_address_type_to_display() method to have a single source for all localised address type display names
* Tweak: a number of small security improvements around validation of printing strings
* Tweak: new ‘woocommerce_subscription_use_pending_cancel’ filter to allow stores to switch off the use of the Pending Cancellation status applied until the end of any prepaid term on a subscription once it has been cancelled
* Tweak: use wp_json_encode() when possible (with WordPress v4.1 and newer) instead of PHP’s json_encode(), the use of which is discouraged
* Tweak: move user role filter to after the default roles section and introduce wcs_get_new_user_role_names() to allow custom code to more easily customise the role assigned to a user for subscription events.
* Fix: Product add-on incompatibility: make sure product add-ons are only applied once for manual renewal payments for a previously failed automatic renewal payment.
* Fix: Checkout Add-ons incompatibility: add subscription fee line items to the cart for manual renewal and resubscribe to make sure Checkout Add-ons are applied to manual renewals and resubscribes
* Fix: compatibility with remote updaters, like WP Remote, Jetpack Manage by activating subscriptions on ‘init’ not ‘admin_init’ because remote udpaters won’t trigger that hook.
* Fix: apply recurring coupons to manual renewals by making sure they are set in the cart at the time of renewal. Introduces the use of the following new psuedo coupons for carrying over recurring coupons to renewals: ‘renewal_fee’, ‘renewal_percent’ & ‘renewal_cart’.
* Fix: make sure it is possible to link a subscription with a parent order by passing a ‘order_id’ argument when creating or updating a subscription via the REST API endpoints (i.e. /wc-api/v4/subscriptions/)
* Fix: don’t show synchronisation fields on the Edit Product screen for a subscription that renews daily when toggling the downloadable or virtual checkboxes
* Fix: make sure you can bulk edit variations before a variable product is saved with WooCommerce v2.5 by using the product type field
* Fix: don’t incorrectly log the “Free trial commenced for subscription” order note on a subscription when applying coupons to make the initial payment free. Instead, log the more general “Sign-up complete” order note whenever a subscription without an initial payment receives the first payment complete function call.
* Fix: don’t allow resubscribing to subscriptions with a $0 / period price, because generally, this is done to charge the full cost of the subscription in the sign-up fee, and we don’t charge sign-up fees on a resubscribe.
* Fix: occassional error when updating a subscription via the Edit Subscription screen: “Error updating subscription: A valid PayPal Billing Agreement ID value is required” caused by using disabled payment method meta fields (Subscriptions now uses readonly fields).
* Fix: send cancelled subscription emails to store managers when a subscription is deleted early in the process of deletion to ensure billing meta fields are still available to include in the email.
* Fix: log correct next payment date when processing a PayPal IPN payment request for a subscription that has a payment in the future. Also fixes an undefined index notice for these IPN requests for subscriptions with no free trial.
* Fix: allow disabled payment gateways that are still active as plugins to be treated as a valid payment method when saving a subscription via the Edit Subscription screen to avoid switching the subscription to use Manual renewals.
* Fix: always display order numbers not IDs to improve compatibility with plugins like Sequential Order numbers
* Fix: when a switch order’s status is changed, don’t cancel, suspend or mark the corresponding subscription as failed. Only do that on those status changes for the original order.
* Fix: display all subscriptions on the Subscriptions list table when filtering by payment method (previously the default posts per page value would be used, which is 5).
* Fix: leap year issues when creating subscription terms with PayPal Standard that can lead to prolonged free trial or subscription duration for subscripions that have an annual free trial or billing period.
* Fix: set correct subscription length options for subscription variations on the Edit Product screen when first loading the page (affects subscriptions with a billing interval other than 1)
* Fix: duplicate PayPal IPN blocking on sites running PHP prior to version 5.4.0.

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