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[GET] Woocommerce Advanced Notifications v1.1.15

Woocommerce Advanced Notifications v1.1.15 Download

Setup order and stock notifications for multiple users and third parties

The Advanced Notifications extension for WooCommerce lets you setup order and stock notifications for users other than the admin user. These can be used for anything; notifying staff and users of sales, sending stock notices to suppliers, or even sending new orders to drop shippers.

2015.11.17 – version 1.1.15
* Tweak – HTML emails to be consistent with default WooCommerce emails

2015.08.10 – version 1.1.14
* Added a screen options tab to the notifications listing

2015.07.29 – version 1.1.13
* 2.4 Compat
* Fix – Plain text email formatting for the new order notification
* Tweak – Unify email methods for all notifications

2015.06.03 – version 1.1.12
* Update main file and text domain.

2015.01.29 – version 1.1.11
* Fix – Backwards compatibility

2015.01.28 – version 1.1.10
* New – WC 2.3 compatibility (chosen -> select2)
* Fix triggers active state

2014.05.15 – version 1.1.9
* Fix category trigger active state

2014.05.07 – version 1.1.8
* Fix “all” trigger saving

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[GET] WooCommerce Review for Discount v1.6

WooCommerce Review for Discount v1.6 Download

2015.11.16 – version 1.6
* Bug fix: Fixed support for variations because reviews are made on parent products
* Bug fix: Ensure that customer email is stored with the generated coupon
* Feature: Updated user interface to match WooCommerce core coupons
* Feature: Added filter ‘wc_review_discount_discount_object’ to allow 3rd-party plugins to modify the discount

2015.07.31 – version 1.5.8
* WooCommerce 2.4 compatibility
* Fixed bug that wouldn’t send coupons when no products/categories were selected and all products was not selected
* Minor CSS and display issues
* Added text domain to plugin info block

2015.02.01 – version 1.5.7
* WooCommerce 2.3 compatibility

2014.12.24 – version 1.5.6
* Bug fix: UI not retaining “exclude sale items” selection

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[GET] Woocommerce Mix and Match Products v1.0.7

Woocommerce Mix and Match Products v1.0.7 Download

2015.11.18 – version 1.0.7
* Fix: Parent containers are sold individually, if contain a product that is sold individually
* Dev Feature: add meta fields via hook for better extending via satellite plugins
* Dev Feature: add filter for container size in order item meta

2015.11.09 – version 1.0.6
* Feature – Ability to define a base price.
* Fix – Validate quantities on update cart if container includes any items sold individually.
* Fix – Limit quantity input max to container size.
* Fix – MnM product prices incl/excl tax according to the ‘Display Prices in the Shop’ option state.

2015.10.13 – version 1.0.5
* Feature: – Unlimited Size Containers. Set the container quantity to 0 to allow customers to purchase as many items as they want.
* Fix: – Cart fatal error when a MnM product in the cart is changed to another product type.
* Fix: – Shipstation integration.
* Dev: – Add filters for container and child item validation.

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[GET] Woocommerce Gocardless v2.3.6

Woocommerce Gocardless v2.3.6 Download

2015.10.28 – version 2.3.6
* Add WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0 support
* Fix a bug where the setup_fee was incorrectly calculated for subscriptions
* Fix a bug where we were unhooking and hooking a nonexistent method for subscription renewal payments
* Fix a bug where a coupon applied to a subscription would result in a negative initial payment

2015.09.02 – version 2.3.5
* Tweak initial payments.
* Fix date function.

2015.05.28 – version 2.3.4
* Fix start_at for BST

2015.05.12 – version 2.3.3
* Pass start_at date for subscriptions.

2015.04.22 – version 2.3.2
* Pass get_non_subscription_total to signup fee for mixed carts.

2014.09.15 – version 2.3.1
* Filter args passed to gocardless. woocommerce_gocardless_bill_args woocommerce_gocardless_pre_auth_args

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[GET] Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons v1.0.8

Woocommerce Free Gift Coupons v1.0.8 Download

Give away a free item to any customer with the coupon code

With WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons, you can give away a free item(s) to any customer with the correct code. This can be to reward a specific customer or to encourage customers to spend more in order to be eligble for the bonus item.
Start rewarding customers

WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons works very similarly to the other coupon types. Free Gift Coupons allow all the same Usage Restriction and Usage Limits as other coupon types, such as by email address, minimum cart total, etc. However, instead of a discount, the customer is rewarded with a free gift item.

The coupon is redeemed exactly like other coupons. When a coupon is applied successfully, the free gift is automatically added to the cart and the customer may continue shopping or checkout normally.

2015.11.09 – version 1.0.8
* Fix: don’t squash other free shipping coupons

2015.10.13 – version 1.0.7
* Fix: make free shipping specific to free gift only. To use: Free Shipping must be enabled and set to “requires a valid free shipping coupon” if you don’t wish to make the entire order’s shipping free
* New: Add compatibility for adding Subscription as free gift

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[GET] WooCommerce eWAY v3.1.9

WooCommerce eWAY v3.1.9 Download

2015.11.11 – version 3.1.9
* Disable button after submitting credit card form to avoid double submissions.

2015.10.28 – version 3.1.8
* Fix – PHP Fatal error when in Debug mode
* New – WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0 Support

2015.09.14 – version 3.1.7
* Hardcode API listener for subscription support.

2015.08.05 – version 3.1.6
* Fix – Error handling.
* Removed deprecated code.

2015.05.15 – version 3.1.5
* Fix – Send through customer country code as lowercase

2015.05.07 – version 3.1.4
* Fix – Don’t show the “Manage Cards” link if no credit cards are saved.

2015.02.17 – 3.1.3
* Fix – Use right method to retrieve error message from WordPress

2014.10.16 – 3.1.2
* Fix – Issue where paying subscription via token card with no upfront payment failed.

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[GET] WooCommerce Bookings Extension v1.8.3

WooCommerce Bookings Extension v1.8.3 Download

This powerful extension allows you to sell your time or date based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site. Perfect for those wanting to offer appointments, services or rentals.


Can I add fields to the bookings form?
You can, using the Product Add-ons extension for WooCommerce. We’ve compileddocumentation on integrating product add-ons as well.

Does WooCommerce Bookings support WooCommerce Subscriptions?
While WooCommerce Bookings doesn’t currently support WooCommerce Subscriptions, this is on our development roadmap.

Does WooCommerce Bookings support recurring bookings?
While WooCommerce Bookings doesn’t currently support recurring bookings (without some code), this is on our development roadmap.

Can the same resource be used across multiple booking products?
Currently, resources cannot span multiple booking products.

Can my customers modify their bookings?
Bookings can currently only be amended by the website administrator.

Can I book a specific day?
All bookings are time and date based, rather than based on specific days.

2015.11.24 – version 1.8.3
* Fix – Rules ending at midnight will now properly be parsed.
* Fix – Google Calendar events now properly include the correct end date.
* Fix – Make sure person discount applies correctly.
* Fix – Previously if the last day of the month happened to fall on the same day of the week as your “start of week setting”, events would not show. This is now fixed.
* Fix – Minute buffer calculation fix, making sure all proper blocks display.
* Fix – Blocks smaller than 30 minute chunks will no longer get cut off on the admin calendar.
* Fix – Prevent the partial booked indicator from sometimes showing on a previous day to a day with bookings.

2015.11.11 – version 1.8.2
* Fix – If there are 0 time slots left, make sure not to show the block at all.
* Fix – Resolved an issue with avaibility times and buffer times.
* Fix – Prevented a validation error when updating buffer times in the admin to 0 (blank would still work).

2015.11.10 – version 1.8.1
* Fix – Fix a bug with hours spanning days that can potentially show (still unbookable) slots on other days

2015.11.9 – version 1.8.0
* Feature – Time based bookings can now extend into the next day.
* Feature – Rules can now have priorities set to create custom availability schedules.
* Feature – New coupon type to offer discounts per person on bookings with multiple people.
* Feature – A buffer period for time and day blocks can now be set.
* Tweak – Our “partially booked” indicator now works for day blocks with multiple spots.
* Tweak – Tooltips have been added on the booking calendar to explain what each color means.
* Tweak – New get_wc_booking_statuses() to return an array of booking statuses.
* Tweak – Use wc_date_format/wc_time_format instead of hard-coded format strings for default date & time formats.
* Fix – create_wc_booking now supports person types and correctly passes person info.
* Fix – Show days as available if time based rules say so.
* Fix – Fatal error that occurs when setting a booking’s booked product to N/A.
* Fix – Associate booking details with an order, even if the booking and order are created separately.
* Fix – Only send booking cancelation emails for bookings and not orders.
* Fix – Next/Previous tooltip text can now be translated.

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