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[GET] Simply Hired Publisher Appthemes Jobroller Plugin v1.2.2

Simply Hired Publisher Appthemes Jobroller Plugin v1.2.2

Appthemes Jobroller Plugin – Simply Hired Publisher – A highly customizable aggregator that publishes job listings on your site using the Simply Hired API. Requires the JobRoller theme from AppThemes and a Job-a-matic account from Simply Hired.

Select from over 20 countries
O*NET occupation support for US websites. Show the most relevant jobs to your site audience (i.e: O*NET code 27-1* will pull Art related jobs)
Flexible job queries to display the most relevant jobs to each unique website
Set any number of jobs to pull from Simply Hired
Sort results by relevance, title, date etc…
Search Simply Hired jobs, on demand or when no local results are found
Display Simply Hired results on the frontpage, when searching or browsing jobs by type and categories
Cache frontpage results for better performance
Use CSS classes to style sponsored, organic and paid jobs
Uses standard WordPress gettext libraries for easy translation
Clean and well commented code

1.2.2 – 11/05/2014
– Added support for new Simply Hired API
– Added new ‘Authentication Key’ option

1.2.1 – 03/17/14
– Jobs by attribution HTML

1.2 – 03/06/14
– O*NET Listings Code backend validation always retrieving ‘Unknown or invalid O*NET code’
– Load more jobs not returning results
– Updated SimplyHired logo and linked it to the respective country site
– Added ‘onMouseDown’ javascript code to each job link, to accurately monitor clicks
– Use ‘wp_remote_get()’ instead of ‘file_get_contents()’

1.1 – 04/22/13
– Country being displayed on the query example in job type mappings descriptions
– Simply Hired logo being replaced by logo from other installed job feed plugin
– Language file not working correctly (‘.po’ files must be placed in /languages folder and named ‘simply-hired-publisher-xx_XX’, where ‘xx_XX’ is your country locale)
– Added option to enable displaying Simply Hired jobs before or after site jobs
– Updated Google maps geocoding to v.3
– Removed wp_reset_query() calls

1.0 – First release

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