[GET] Booked Appointment Booking for WordPress v1.7.7

Booked Appointment Booking for WordPress v1.7.7 Download


NEW: Replaced “Add to Google” with “Add to Calendar”, which now includes many more options.
FIX: Fixed a few stylistic issues with the calendar borders and modal window scrollbars (Firefox)
FIX: Fixed an issue where the “end time” would show up in emails when “Hide end times” is active.
FIX: Fixed a fairly major bug with the “Prevent Before/After” settings.


FIX: Fixed a date formatting issue with the datepicker on the settings panel.
FIX: Some other very minor bug fixes.


NEW: Added a date picker to the appointment list view to jump to a specific day.
NEW: Added an Admin Bar dropdown menu for quick access anywhere (with option to hide it).
FIX: Lots of bug fixes with the calendar/list displays (showing the correct start date, etc.).
FIX: Fixed an ordering issue with the Upcoming Appointments Dashboard widget.
FIX: Taller modal window, especially on smaller screens.
FIX: Fixed more than several bugs with custom time slots.
FIX: Some minor language file updates.

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