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1.3.1 – 2016-01-06
– Protocols in the social and AppThemes links
– Added User Nickname on edit profile form, fixed WordPress 4.4 incompatibility
– Slider styles url
– User password changes without request from the user
– Re-order Taskerr menu items

1.3 – 12/10/2015
– Lost user password after edit profile
– User Website info on the dashboard and author’s page
– Some string translation
– Service price format
– Issue with 0 plans price on summary step.
– Introduced transaction templates.
– Added Addons MP submodule
– Deprecate use of APP_View_Page::_get_id()
– Added ‘app-require-updater’ theme support
– Change widgets names to ‘Theme Name Widget Title’
– WordPress 4.4 compatibility

1.2 – 08/26/2015
– Duplicate field showing on registration form after WP 4.3
– There’s now only one password field in registration, profile and reset password pages (WP 4.3 or later)

1.1 – 10/14/2014
– Allow sorting/filering dropdowns with disabled permalinks
– Set any static page as front page
– Use ‘esc_attr_e()’
– Can not rename add service page
– Added “Delete Selected” string to translations file
– Uploaded images don’t show up
– Free services not expire. All existing free services will get default duration 30 days and expire if they already outdated. Use theme settings to change default duration
– Total comments count shows comments + reviews count.
– Fixed reviews permalinks
– Fixed widget title on single service page
– Fixed php error, caused by incorrect declaration classes order
– Fixed HTML error in Recent Posts widget
– Prevent to create orders for free services
– “Buy it” button now visible for non-logged-in users and redirects to login page
– Allow to automatically activate payment order by manually publishing services
– Added Renew Service procedure
– Added Delete Service procedure
– Prepare theme for escrow payments feature
– Added search index. Enable search by categories and tags.
– Notifications on the header got deep links to Notifications dashboard
– Added Visual editor for Service content, Task Instructions and Review content. Only html editor is available (not TinyMCE). Use filter tr_editor_settings to enable TinyMCE or change/add other settings.
– Added example child theme
– Added email templates for renew service notifications to admin and author
– Added option “Duration (Free Services Only)”
– Added filter options on Dashboard: “Live”, “Awaiting Moderation”, “Pending Payment”, “Expired”
– Added service statuses on admin services page: “Expired”, “Deleted”

1.0 – First Release

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