[GET] Admin Menu Editor Pro 2.0

Admin Menu Editor Pro 2.0 Download

helps you customize the WordPress admin menu to better suit your – or your clients’ – needs. Use it to:

Create a simple, streamlined admin menu for your non-technical users.
Make the important menus quick and easy to access while hiding the confusing or dangerous ones.
Organize a messy, complicated WordPress admin and turn into something that’s easy to understand and navigate

##### Added
* Added “Choose users…” link that lets you select which users will show up in the menu editor. This makes it easier to change menu permissions for specific users.
* Added “Hide all submenu items when this item is hidden” setting. Normally, a top level menu stays visible as long as it has at least one accessible submenu item (that’s just how WordPress works). You can use this setting to override that, forcing all submenu items to stay hidden if the user doesn’t have access to the parent menu. Note that this can break plugins that rely on the default WordPress behaviour, so use with care.
* Added “Frame height” field. You can manually set the height of `